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 Ladies Total Body Workout

Burn Calories, Tone up & Get Fit

45 minute class to blast some calories. This class is for ladies of all abilities who wish to tone up, improve fitness and lose weight. We have ladies of all ages, sizes and ability in class.

 Exercises change regularly so you don’t get bored.

Class consists of cardio blasts in-between circuits to help burn calories. Toning and strengthening exercises for problem areas such as bum, hips, and legs and back of arm.  There are exercises to strengthen the core muscles and improve posture. 

Lots of variety and fun in short space of time. 



Ladies TBW has been an excellent and enjoyable way of getting back into exercise after having two children.  It definitely beats a boring gym session.  There's always lots of variety to keep you interested.  You can go at your own pace but its certainly a great workout if you want it to be.  I leave shattered at the end of a session but with a smile on my face knowing my body has been put through its paces!*

 Emma, September 2014

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*Results may vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed. Any testimonials made throughout this website may not reflect the results or experience other indviduals will experience. 

 Benefits of LTBW

  • High Intensity training to burn calories.
  • Strnegth exercises to contiue burning calories after class
  • Improve Fitness.
  • Every class is different.
  • Improve tone & strength of muscles

Starts 12th January 2017

Limited places

Class Suitability for Postnatal Ladies:

  • This class is not suitable for anyone who has had a baby in the last 5months - instead I recommend you join a pilates class to strengthen your core ready for joining bootcamp class.
  • If you are still nursing your baby the pregnancy hormones remain and you are still at risk from injury and this risk remains for 3 months after you stop feeding your baby. If you have attend postnatal pilates or general pilates I am happy for you to join ladies bootcamp but I will provide you with low impact alternatives.
  • If you have suffered with Disatis Recti or have had it previously alternatives will be available - soft tissue takes a year to heal and it is possible to make this condition worse with the wrong exercises.
  • Pelvic Floor - there should be no leaking occuring at any point - ie sneezing. You should feel comfortable in class. If there is leaking it is very important to strengthen your pelvic floor first - the nature of the class could potential make any issues worse.


What time is the class?  Thursday 8.35pm to 9.20pm & Saturday 8.15am to 9.00am

Where are the classes? Datchet Baptist Church Hall, 62 London Road, Datchet, SLough, Berkshire, SL3 9JR

 How much does it cost? £40 for 5 weeks x 1 class, £.60.00 for 6 weeks x 2 classes. £10.00 Pay as you go

Do I lose a class if I don't attend? Yes but you are welcome to catch up the missed session by attending a similar suitable class within 2wks if missing a class. All Changes must be emailed.

Im not very fit does it matter? I show alternatives so you work at your own level.

 If you have any further questions about ladies bootcamp or wish to book a place please contact me by either email – Natasha@simple-changes.co.uk or call me on 07984 417053

07984 417053

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