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Yummy Mummies & Baby Bootcamp

Burn Calories, Lose weight & Gain strength

A 60minute class to help new mums make a start on losing the baby weight safely and effectively including exercises to heal the core.

With scattered sleep and extra stress, your well being is the focus of the class. We use Minimum Effective Dose (MED) in your workouts so you can see results without feeling exhausted, so you get the most from your work-outs.  If you are feeling more energetic and wish to step it up - more challenging options can be given.

Work at you own level and feel a difference fast. Over 8  years experience working with postnatal women.

We start with the basics - 

1) Release tight muscles so body is optimally positioned

2) Activate the core with the breath. 

3) Use suitable exercises to strengthen you core and protect the weaken tissues.

4) Progress to harder more challenging exercises as and when you are ready.

A great class to combine with Postnatal Pilates.


"I really enjoyed Yummy Mummy Bootcamp with Natasha, not only did I get to work out, each week you´d see your fellow classmate´s children growing & developing at the same time & learning to play with each other. Everyone was always friendly, working through each circuit training station and time just flew whilst you attempted to whip all your aching muscles back into shape! I highly recommend this class. It got me through some really tough tired mornings by exercising, making me snap out of a tired mood. I have tried all of her classes and really enjoyed attending this with my son, that was one of the best aspects the relaxed nature of the class that your child could also be included as such. #Fond memories!"*

Emily, 2016

*Results may vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed. Any testimonials made throughout this website may not reflect the results or experience other indviduals will experience.

Did you know pregnancy hormones hang around for 5 months making you more prone to injury.

There is no jumping in yummy mummies so that you can strengthen you pelvic floor correctly reducing your risk of incontinence and prolapsed of the pelvic organs.

We focus on the breath to ensure that you exhale on effort - this is so important to mange pressure within the abdominal cavity to protect your abdominals, to prevent separation of the tummy muscles from becoming worse and to aid with healing. We ensure the abdominals are not doming (rounding) during exercises. If there is rounding this indicates a weakness within the core and the exercise is not suitable and should be regressed. 


Did you know that that it takes a up to a year for soft tissue to heal - so correct exercise prescription is key. There is no reason why you can't feel fitter and stronger after having a baby (except for maybe lack of sleep and time ;) 

There are exercises to improve your posture and reduce aches and pains associated with being a new mummy.

Benefits of Yummy Mummy Bootcamp


Minimum Effective Dose (MED) exercise used to help you burn calories.

No high impact exercises protect pelvic floor exercises.

Strengthen upper back muscles often tight following pregnancy and hours of feeding the little one.

Includes core exercises to flatten the tummy and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Increases relaxation which helps reduces stress and postnatal depression.

Meet other new mums in the local area.

FYI - unsuitable exercises for postnatal women include runnning, jumping exercises, planks, crunches, reverse curls

Bumps Welcome



What time is the class? Starting 15 January 2018 9.30am to 10.15am

Where are the classes? Datchet Baptist Church Hall, 62 London Road, Datchet, SLough, Berkshire, SL3 9JR

How much does it cost? £48 for 6 weeks

When can I start? With a natural vaginal delivery once you have had your 6 week check and with a c-section 8 to 12 weeks once you scar has healed and you feel ready.

Do I lose a class if I don't attend? Yes but you are welcome to catch up the missed session by attending a similar suitable class within 2wks if missing a class.

Im not very fit does it matter? I show alternatives so you work at your own level.

Can I bring my baby? Yes babies are welcome until the are mobile. Baby car come in their car seat, there is an play area set up and your welcome to bring anything you think will make them more comfortable (bumbo/bouncy seat ect).

What if my baby cries? Don't worry you can settle them if you need to, fed or change them. Do what ever you would do at home.

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Ready to join? Click here to complete prescreening for classes & to receive booking/availability information. 

If you have any question's about the classes please contact me by either email – Natasha@simple-changes.co.uk or call me on 07984 417053

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