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Pregnancy Pilates- Datchet

Strengthen body for labour, Strengthen Core, Reduce aches.


Pregnancy Pilates focuses on maintaining core strength to help keep abdominal strong to reduce lower back pain, maintain strength in the pelvic floor and to help reduce time postnatally for the abdominals to flatten. Pregnancy Pilates is a 60 minute class held in Datchet, easy to get to from Windsor, Slough and Egham. Pregnancy Pilates is on a Tuesday at 6.30pm & THursday at 6.25pm.

Pregnancy Pilates starts with a warm-up to help loosen and mobilise joints. Gentle toning exercises to help strengthen the body for labour. The focus of pregnancy pilates is to strengthen the core including pelvic floor exercises. Exercises are safe and effective, easily adaptable depending on your stage of pregnancy.  No exercises are preformed lying on your back as this can limit blood flow to mother and baby.

The class then finish with 15 minutes relaxation and breathing exercises for use during pregnancy and labour.  The classes are kept small so each person has individual attention.  So everything you do is correct and safe.  You’re not lost in a big class.


I just wanted to put up a post as I can’t recommend pregnancy pilates enough! I have always been an active person and wanted to keep strong and flexible throughout my pregnancy and these classes have been perfect for this. Movements really focus on stomach and pelvic floor muscles which has given me good posture and strength throughout my pregnancy. Natasha uses a lot of positions which get the baby ready for labour, she is extremely knowledgeable and has been helping me turn my baby from back to back position and reduced my back pain so much that I was able to come off crutches after suffering with sacroiliac joint pain.

Classes are kept small so Natasha can give one-to-one attention and guide you through each exercise to gain maximum benefit.
I have also learnt breathing techniques and relaxation which will be extremely helpful during labour. I will definitely be keeping up the classes post baby and look forward to seeing other mums after having their babies, it’s also a great way to make friends and keep sociable!*

Vikki Stephenson - Wraysbury May 2014 38 weeks pregnant

 *Results may vary from person to person.  Results are not guaranteed. Any testimonials made throughout this website may not reflect the results or experience other indviduals will experience.

 Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

    • Reduces lower & upper back ache.
    • Increase circulation helping reduce swelling & varicous veins.
    • Improves sleep
    • Reduces stress good for mum2be and baby.
    • Improves mood and body image.
    • Strengthen core for faster postnatal recovery.

The class finishes with breathing and relaxation techniques for use during pregnancy and labour.




What time is the class? Tuesday 6.30pm to 7.30pm

Where are the classes? Datchet Baptist Church Hall, 62 London Road, Datchet, SLough, Berkshire, SL3 9JR

When can I start Mums2Be? IF you are not currently exercising I would wait until you have had your 12 weeks scan and have a chat with your doctor or midwife telling them that you planning on starting an antenatal exercise class.  If there are no complications with the pregnancy then there should be no reason not to start once the pregnancy is well established.IF you are currently exercsing and have had no complications you can start as soon as you feel ready.

Is there a time when I can't join? You can join the class up until 32 weeks and continue until you feel you want to stop, it is an individual thing depending on how your pregnancy is progressing, I’ve had several mums continue until their due date.

 How much does it cost? 

6 week booking: 1 session per week £56, 2 session per week £108, 3 session per week £144

12 week booking: 1 session per week £96, 2 session per week £192, 3 session per week £280

What if I can't make a class? Please let me know when you make your booking & I can extend it accordingly. During your booking you can extend it by another 2 weeks providing I have 24hrs notice.

Do I lose a class if I don't attend? Yes but you are welcome to catch up the missed session by attending a similar suitable class within 2wks if missing a class. You must have a current booking.


Ready to join? Click here to complete prescreening for classes & to receive booking/availability information. 

If you have any question's about the classes please contact me by either email – Natasha@simple-changes.co.uk or call me on 07984 417053

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