Do You?


Want to start exercising at the right level and build up at your own pace?

Want your clothes to fit better and to feel more confidant?

Tone those wobbly bits (Back of the arms, inner thigh, bum & tum)?

Want to strengthen your body to reduce aches and pains?

Want to have a laugh and enjoy exercise?

Want to improve your health and energy levels?


About Ladies Total Body Work-Out

Burn Calories,  Get Strong & Work up a Sweat! 

This class is for ladies of all abilities who wish to tone up, improve fitness, reduce stress and lose weight.

45 minute  to blast some calories. 

This class is for ladies of all abilities who wish to tone up, improve fitness and lose weight. We have ladies of all ages, sizes and ability in class. 1

0minutes to stretch a little deeper and 5 minutes relaxation to end the class.


Exercise are shown at different levels so those who are low in energy can pick a suitable level and vice verse those who want to challenge themselves can. 


Book Now: 8 Class Package

Book Now: Pay as You Go

Available for £12.00


Datchet Baptist Church Hall,

62 London Rd

SL3 9JR  

Parking & toilets available.

Additional Information

  • Please bring:  Small Towel & water.

  • Please wear: comfortable clothes you can move in & wear trainers.

Please eat a minimum 1hr before class.


    • High Intensity training to burn calories.
  • - Strength exercises to continue burning calories after class
  • - Improve Fitness.
  • - A different class every time.
  • - Improve tone & strength of muscles.
  • - Ladies only class.
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