About Pilates

Designed for women who want strong cores and to improve their posture. 

Small classes lead by a instructor with over 11 years experience.

I love teaching pilates, it is so effective and subtly challenges the mind and body.  My classes focus on 6 principles of Joseph Pilates. These are concentration, control, centring, flow, precision, and breathing to help you strengthen you core and improve your posture.

Do you want to?

1) Strengthen your core to reduce back/hip pain and improve pelvic floor function?

2) Relieve pain caused by bad posture.

3) Learn pilates in a safe small class and work at your own level?

 The classes are 60 minutes long. Class numbers are limited to 12 to allow for individual correction and tailoring .




  • Focus on core strengthening back, abdominals   and pelvic muscles.
  • Tones whole body &  flattens tummy.
  • Reduces stress by promoting deep breathing which increase and relaxation.


Datchet Baptist Church Hall,

62 London Rd


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8 Class Package 

Available for £80.00


8 Classes £80.00 valid 10wks  


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