About Postnatal Pilates

A class designed for new mums to start their postnatal recovery.


Postnatal Pilates  runs on Wednesday at 10.45am in Datchet.  The class has been running for over 11 years and is limited to a maximum of 12ppl. 


Postnatal Pilates is a classes designed for new mums, focusing on reducing general aches and pains associated with being a new mum, rebuilding core and pelvic floor strength. This is a gentle yet effective class focusing the concerns new mums have while promoting mental well-being through controlled exercises and breath awareness.


Exercise are shown at different levels so those who are low in energy can pick a suitable level and vice verse those who want to challenge themselves can. 


Adaptive and flexible, Postnatal Pilates offers new mothers a gentle way to regain strength, flexibility, and a positive mind-body connection.   


- Re-engage your core.⁠

- Improve your flexibility.⁠

- Reduce aches & pains.⁠

- Strengthen you pelvic floor.⁠

- Suitable for c-section mums.⁠

- Prolapse friendly.⁠

- Babies Welcome until mobile.⁠

- Increases relaxation which helps reduces stress and postnatal depression.⁠

- Make new mummy friends ⁠

⁠Suitable from 6wk check/ 8-12wks post-c-section⁠

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Course Dates/Booking

Starting 17th April to 22nd May (6wks)

Available for £60.00

Book   Wedneday 17th April  

 7 Places Remain 20/3/24

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